Tata Eureka Park in Sector 150 Noida

Tata Eureka Park in Sector 150 Noida as the name indicates is an authentic effort to design a small town within a town where you feel absolutely away from the hustle and disturbance of the populated & loud places. The whole venture at walk out is made for recreational areas, play grounds, entertainment, and circulations.

Destination 150 set in middle plants involves social infrastructures within the settlement like individual primary university & large university, clubhouses, traditional developed landscapes, seniors care facility, police station, high-end commercial & retail store, financial institutions, ATMs, amphitheater etc. which is self-maintainable.

New Tata Eureka Park Project in Sector 150 is made with such an approach that all vehicles, vehicle activity, slam for cellars are located instantly after the grand entry plaza to limit the car motions & drop-offs, to the external outside of the venture.

It is absolutely people friendly, different idea where people on the streets can move without concerning about traversing a single car on the road. The idea of the sequence of landscapes is centered on Western Palatial Gardens wherein every court is distributed. Depending on the famous landscapes of Italy and Castles of Versailles, each group /phase has developed courtyard with flower titles.

The structure represents traditional rebirth period which has delivered rooftops, apartments piers, arty fenestration, displays, entablature, and frescos. In short, this developed traditional rebirth venture has all the super modern features of innovative lifestyle along with the elaborate lifestyle of the palatial era & palatial landscapes.

Tata Eureka Park Noida Sector 150 is an incredible group where dreams come to reality with the graceful flow of developed traditional landscapes. The graceful language is well connected with the buildings which are name after blossoms which brings dreams and amazing things to the lawn.

New Tata Residential Project Eureka Park in Sector 150, where others who live nearby become friends with the variety of features provided. The picturesque beauty of these landscapes supplement and balance with the stylish and attractive traditional structure from Designer Hafeez Specialist.

Not to discuss just landscapes, the viewpoint of children nucleus is well balanced in Tata Eureka Park Noida Sector 150 with features that are developed for all ages. For the young ones, we have Children’s playground, where the children will be dreamed with the variety of equipment play which develops and promotes them.

We have a platform, where every kind of activities is available such as Golf Legal courts, Multi-Purpose Legal courts, volleyball and Golf courts etc. For older people, Treatment Garden is made which is more like a neurological lawn and stimulate the five feelings when one is on the lawn. The amphitheater is also meant to naturally combine with the traditional concept of a wonderful lawn. Fragrant plants, feature, blooming mattresses, reflexology path are just to name a few that are found in the Tata Eureka Park Noida.

Price List – Tata Eureka Park - Cost Estimate(CLP)

TypeTentative Size (Sq. Ft)Tentative AmountTentative Booking Amount
2BHK + 2TIntello - 110055-60 Lacs2 Lacs
3BHK + 2TBrightu - 128565-70 Lacs3 Lacs
3BHK + 3TPrimus - 175075-80 Lacs3 Lacs

Location Advantage

  • Few kms from Pari Chowk, Greater Noida
  • Next to Sports City, Sector 150 Noida
  • Connected via Noida-Greater Noida Expressway
  • Upcoming Cricket Stadium in Sports City


Kids Play Area

Tata Eureka Park Noida Sector 150


Tata Eureka Park Noida


Tata Eureka Park Noida - Gym Facility


Tata Eureka Park Sports Facility

Club House

Tata Eureka ParkClub House

Car Parking

Tata Eureka Park Car Parking

Green Park

 Tata Eureka Park Green Park

Golf Course

Tata Eureka Park Golf Course